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Smart and Remote Hands Services

We offer comprehensive on-site Smart- and Remote Hands services to support your datacenter operations. Our highly skilled technicians are available to provide prompt and reliable assistance, ensuring a smooth functioning and efficiency of your infrastructure.

Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

  • Swift response and on-site diagnosis of datacenter equipment and infrastructure issues.

  • Prompt resolution of identified issues through targeted troubleshooting activities.

Cable Management

  • Organize, label, and documented network cabling for improved installation quality and reduced errors.

  • Optimal cable pathway and rack management to enhance airflow and minimize cable clutter.

Power Distribution Unit (PDU) Inspection

  • Perform visual inspection and data collection of physical power distribution equipment (PDUs) to verify proper operation and identify potential issues

Physical Audits and Asset Documentation

  • Conduct on-site physical inspections and verification of equipment against asset records.

  • Ensure accurate asset tracking, inventory management, and comprehensive documentation of hardware configurations.

Hardware Installations and Upgrades

  • On-site installation and configuration of servers, switches, routers, and other critical hardware.

  • Experience seamless integration of new equipment with your existing infrastructure, including the replacement of disks or memory expansion modules in supported systems

Power Cycling and Reboots

  • Perform on-site power cycling and rebooting of servers, switches, and other  devices.

  • Provide prompt response to power-related issues, minimizing disruptions and ensuring continuous availability.

Console Input

  • Execute basic commands on device consoles as per customer instructions.

  • Assistance with device configuration and management port settings.

Regular Control Tour

  • On-site inspection of critical datacenter equipment and infrastructure on a regular basis

  • ensuring optimal performance, identifying potential issues, and proactively addressing them.

Service Benefits

Expert Technicians possess extensive knowledge and experience ion-site in the datacenter environments.

Flexible Service Levels to adapt specific needs and requirements.

Minimized Downtime with rapid response and efficient troubleshooting procedures to assist the system engineers.

Cost-Effective on-site services ensure efficient problem resolution with no traveltime for your staff

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