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Planning & Setup

The high density of IT hardware poses particular challenges in terms of rack space, cabling, power and cooling.

Special attention is paid to the suitability for efficient operation and optimal utilization of the infrastructure.
We develop solutions with all necessary components (parts lists) and services.

Room Planning

We perform measurements of rooms and work out optimized solutions for your rack and IT infrastructure with you.

We provide you with dimensionally accurate room plans which can be used for future planning and documentation.

It is very important to define zones or areas within the datacenter white space. This helps to get a logical and structured environment.

Move and Logistics

A datacenter move is a project with an extraordinary risk potential.

A large number of demanding and unusual tasks must be completed in a short time.

Structured planning helps to identify and mitigate risks at an early stage. Choosing the right tools and processes ensures a smooth move.

Quality control & On-Site instruction

Supervision is essential.

That’s why we not only take care of the planning but also provide installation instructions and conduct quality controls for third-party companies and suppliers.

Extension & Modification

Minor modifications are carried out directly by us. For larger projects we take over your representation and assist you with clarification and implementation tasks.

  • Rack expansion

  • Installation of additional PDUs

  • Extension of structured cabling

  • Extension of cable trays

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