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IMAC/R/D Services

Install, Move, Add, Change, Remove and Dispose.

Coordinated processes and a clear role assignments enable efficient work in the datacenter.
We seamlessly integrate into your processes to allow your IT staff to perform their roles more effectively.

The shared view and precise tracking of key documentation is essential for success.


  • Transports

  • Acceptance and bringing in of deliveries

  • Unpacking and receiving inspection

  • Installation and wiring according to your specifications

  • Labeling

  • Documentation

  • Configuration of management ports for your remote access


  • Modifications to existing hardware components

  • Replacing components on the systems


  • Demounting of IT equipment

  • Packing and transportation

  • Installation


  • Add components, disks, RAM, processors, etc.

  • Add connections


  • Decommissioning

  • Demounting and dismantling of systems

  • Remove connections


  • Decommissioned and no longer needed systems and components are disposed of according to your specifications.

  • Certified destruction and disposal of data media

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