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Consulting & Concepts

There is a large and sometimes confusing range of offerings on the market. Comparisons from an independent source help to find optimal solutions that match your concept and budget. We request offers either in your name or in our name, check and rate them. Your rating ultimately provides the basis for making decisions.

Concepts for Your Datacenter

Consistent review of all topics is important for planning. We focus on simple and flexible designs and structures to reduce complexity.


  • Inventory and analysis

  • Requirements assessments

  • Datacenter evaluation

  • Datacenter infrastructure concepts

  • Cabling concepts

Cabling Concepts

In order to keep operating and project costs low, network elements must be able to be interconnected efficiently and in a structured manner. We support you in the design, planning, evaluation and implementation of applicable standards such as EN 50600-2-4.

Operational Concepts

The result of practice oriented processes and roles is significant and measurable.


Our best practice datacenter operational concept complements your processes as needed and provides transparency and flawless documentation.


Based on the transparency gained, new requirements and projects can be implemented more efficiently.

Rack Infrastructure Concepts

Modern IT rack infrastructure must be modular and should support flexible modifications for future requirements. This protects your investments.

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