YDC Services

Single Point of Contact

Migration Service

Von der Bestandsaufnahme bis zur Wiederinbetriebnahme. Wir begleiten Sie durch alle Phasen von Datacenter Migrationen und unterstützen Sie, Ihren Manpower für ihre

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Luftführung im Datacenter

IT Documentation

The documentation of the physical infrastructure is an important basis for operational and strategic goals. “If the documentation is insufficient, people start

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Tender and evaluation

There is a large and sometimes confusing range of offerings on the market. Comparisons from an independent source helps to find optimal

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Room Planning

We perform measurements of rooms and work out optimized solutions for your rack and IT infrastructure with you. We provide you with

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Extension and Modification

Minor modifications are carried out directly by us. For larger projects we take over your representation and assist you with clarification and

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